Environment, Health & Safety

At Rumble Industries Ltd. we are committed to completing projects safely every time.

We believe the integrity of business operations must include a health and safety program that encompasses job quality, codes of practices, environmental protection and customer satisfaction along with the safety of our workers and the general public.

Rumble Industries Ltd. endeavors to provide a safe and healthy working environment by demonstrating its commitment through leadership in complying with company, industry and government rules and regulations.

Our management is committed to providing employees with properly maintained equipment, training, and safe working procedures. We create clear lines of communication, investigating all hazards, and taking appropriate corrective action as needed.

Rumble Industries Ltd. expects that all activities performed on its behalf by workers, contractors and visitors be accomplished without accidents, injury, occupational illness, environment damage or equipment damages and losses.

Our management team works diligently with all employees so they are familiar with the components of legislation, regulations, standards, practices, and procedures that pertain to the elimination or control of hazards in their work and working environments.

Our employees are required to:

Obey all environmental, health & safety rules;
Adhere to all safe work procedures;
Wear personal protective equipment;
Participate in all communication efforts;
Attend work clean and sober;
Inform management of unsafe working conditions.

A safe and injury free workplace can be achieved through diligence and cooperation. All employees are expected to demonstrate their commitment towards a safe and healthy workplace by acting in compliance with the Health and Safety Policy.

Health and Safety Certifications