Innovating today, creating tomorrow

Rumble Industries Ltd. is a high-quality mechanical maintenance and construction contractor, with a comprehensive welding and fabrication division which has evolved and grown over the past nine years to include cutting edge quality management and safety procedures.


We focus on providing a service to the medium-sized job market that encompasses all of the same processes and quality that companies would get from a large sized company/market. This includes our use of software, quality management system and safety procedures that are unmatched from our competitors.

Oilfield Maintenance

Large- or small-scale maintenance and repairs

General Construction Contractor

Site support, project management and supervision

Pipeline and Integrity

Construct, repair and replace


Facilities, wellsites, pipelines - we do it all

Specialized Welding Services

In-house welding, CAD, CNC, parts production

Environmental Drilling

Direct push, auger drilling, sampling and monitoring

What Sets Rumble Industries Apart

Technology & Innovation

We utilize an array of cutting-edge equipment, software and processes to continually hone and constantly improve our complete range of products and services. Our goal is to provide the very best quality and maximum efficiency on each and every project that we take on.

Commitment to Quality

With our best-in-class Quality Management program and a full range of industry certifications, we ensure that all of our projects meet our very high standards. That's what makes Rumble Industries Ltd. the reliable contractor of choice in the maintenance and construction sectors.

Uncompromising Safety

Our management team recognizes and deeply understands the great importance of creating a comprehensive and well-rounded safety culture. And by creating that culture of safety, we demonstrate the value we place on the safety and well-being of each of our team members.

Continuous Improvement

Our company is agile, extremely adaptable and always looking to continuously improve both within the company and the industry at large, in order to better serve our clients. We don't wait around for the industry to move forward — we're leading the charge.